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Trinity Industries, Inc. is a diversified industrial company that owns complementary, market-leading businesses providing products and services to the energy, chemical, agriculture, transportation, and construction sectors. Trinity reports its financial results in five principal business segments: the Rail Group, the Railcar Leasing and Management Services Group, the Inland Barge Group, the Construction Products Group, and the Energy Equipment Group. Our common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TRN.


Trinity Spin-off / Arcosa, Inc. Update

In December 2017, we announced our plan to separate Trinity Industries, Inc. into two standalone, publicly traded companies through the spin-off of our infrastructure-related businesses to our stockholders. Upon completion of the spin-off, Trinity will continue to operate our integrated rail manufacturing, leasing, and services businesses, together with certain other businesses. The new company distributed to Trinity stockholders in the spin-off, Arcosa, Inc., will be a growth-oriented company focused on infrastructure-related products and services with leading positions in construction, energy, and transportation markets.

Trinity's Business Segments

Financial Highlights